The Struts Release Great New Song, “Fallin’ With Me” – Am I Finally On The Bandwagon?


The Rock Chick came in last Friday and said, “I heard this new song this morning and I think you’ll like it…” Well, that’s always an invitation I can never resist. She’s turned me on to so much great music over the years – Oasis, Motley Crue (which I was shamelessly behind on), Green Day and more recently Greta Van Fleet. She is the Rock Chick, after all. The Struts – Luke Spiller (Vocals), Adam Slack (guitar), Jed Elliott (bass), and Gethin Davies (drums, and really you can’t get a more English name than Gethin Davies can you?) have been around a little less than a decade. Their debut LP Everybody Wants came out in 2014.

I have to tell you, I really like this new song, “Fallin’ With Me.” It made me wonder why I hadn’t gotten more into the Struts over the years. I’ve always been aware of the Struts and there are a few tracks that have pierced my consciousness over the span of their three released albums but I never quite completely embraced them. I remember listening to the debut when it came out and thinking Luke Spiller, the lead vocalist, might be Freddie Mercury’s illegitimate son. It’s uncanny how much he sounded like the late Queen-frontman on that first album. The guy trills his R’s so hard – which is kinda cool – one has to shudder when you think about him doing “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” I guess I could never decide if these guys were a serious rock n roll band or if this was some sort of really intense Rock Star cosplay they were involved in.

I think my hesitancy around certain groups can be traced back to when I first started listening to music. It was right around puberty and at that time in a man’s life you’re not terribly confident about anything. When it came to rock n roll, you didn’t dare be caught listening to the wrong acts. They had to be legitimate hard rock or you were looked down upon as a dilettante or worse “uncool.” You didn’t dare listen to anything that was deemed “pop” music. I think that’s why some people shied away from Cheap Trick back then because they were often described as “pop rock.” It wasn’t until Live At Budokan that suddenly the Rock Gods decreed Cheap Trick was an acceptable band. I don’t know why, I’ve always liked Cheap Trick from my early days listening to music up to their latest LP,  In Another World.

But even since growing up, leaving high school and college, I’ve always been wary of brand new acts. During the 80s when my musical tastes expanded way beyond the classic rock radio I’d grown up with, I was still kind of wary of certain bands. While all my friends were listening to Motley Crue and Def Leppard I was busy listening to the “rock canon” from the decades prior. I couldn’t be bothered with new bands when I was in the process of discovering David Bowie, the Velvet Undersground/Lou Reed, the Faces, Neil Young’s “Ditch Trilogy” and Springsteen’s early stuff. I could more often be found listening to Mick Taylor-era Rolling Stones than anything you’d hear on the radio. Videos didn’t really help. All the hard rock bands had identical videos – to my eyes anyway – tall hair, spandex, chicks dancing around and that same 80s production. Often times the band’s videos would put me off so terribly I’d avoid actually hearing the music. Billy Idol was certainly someone whose videos kept me from plunging into his catalog. He didn’t look like a good Midwest guy from next door with his bleach blonde, crew cut hair and curled lip. (His new song is amazing, btw, “Cage”). It took me all the way until “Paradise City,” Guns N Roses’ third single before I bought Appetite For Destruction. It’s like I was closed off from all things current or I had a fear of jumping on the bandwagon of a “fad.” Since those early days it seems I was always searching for authenticity. I didn’t want to be “duped.”

Well between listening to a bunch of B-sides and the new Chili Peppers’ track “Tippa My Tongue” this weekend I spent a lot of time listening to the Struts. I listened to all three of their LPs. I’m nothing if not methodical. I’m not sure if I’m ready to declare I’m on the bandwagon, I need more time, but I can tell you this new song “Fallin’ With Me” is a great song. The track has that classic, 80s, Sunset Strip trashy rock/metal sound. It starts with drums, bass and sing-along chorus that just earworms it’s way into my head. Luke Spiller is a great vocalist. When the guitar kicks in, oh yes, I’m taking this ride. The opening lyric, “You be my Alice, and I’ll be your Madhatter” is the perfect invitation to this hard rock good time. I love the way Spiller drags the “fa” in the word “Fallin'” so it sounds like a twisted Christmas carol, “Are you fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fallin’ with me?” Hell yes! This chorus just makes me want to rock out:

“You’re coming with meLet’s take a diveMeet at the Rainbow9:45Wear something trashyThat’s what I like (yeah)We’re on the rooftopJumpin’ off the sides (jumpin’ off the sides)”

I don’t know if I have any clothes that would be considered “trashy” but… Anyway, here’s the video for the track:

I don’t know if these guys have an album on the way – no one on the internet seems to know – but I will be listening intently if they do. Even if they don’t I’ll certainly be enjoying “Fallin’ With Me” for the rest of time. It often takes just one song or concert to suddenly change all of my heavy preconceptions about a band. Metallica clicked for me on Death Magnetic, really late in the game. I waited until “Paradise City” to buy GnR’s debut. I had to see No Doubt live before I went, “Hey, these guys are good…that bass player…” “Fallin With Me” may just be that epiphany moment for me and the Struts. It’s a great rock n roll song and I think everybody, however you feel about the Struts, should check it out and turn it up loud!


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