BourbonAndVinyl is about the timeless joys of listening to rock and roll music and having a sip or two of bourbon, preferably at the same time. I like to focus on older, established artists who are making new music. That seems to be a sadly overlooked niche these days. Although I’ll admit I’m always looking for brand new bands like Greta Van Fleet, Starcrawler or Dirty Honey. It’s my hope that in these pages I’m able to evangelize rock and roll and the great bands who play it.

Music has meant a lot to me over the years. Music and our reaction to it can be both a profoundly personal experience and at the same time something very communal. It’s my hope here to share some of my personal experiences listening to music and discovering bands and move those personal recollections to that shared communal space. Memories I have often evoke certain songs and vice versa. Most of what I write here, the stories I tell about my experiences with certain music or bands, I try tell from the perspective of two friends sitting in a bar talking… Luckily for me, I married a woman (referred to in these pages as the Rock Chick), who shares my love of music. Everybody who loves music is welcome here. I appreciate anybody reading B&V and all of your comments or thoughts.

I have spent a lifetime listening to rock n roll, going to concerts, reading liner notes and anything else I can get my hands on about the artists and music I enjoy. Some might say I’m slightly obsessive about rock n roll. Put simply my mission is to share that love of music with like-minded people. If there is something that I’ve discovered over the years that helps you learn something you didn’t know about an artist or an album then my job will have been successful. At the end of the day most of the thoughts here are my personal opinion…this is merely my point of view.  I do appreciate a good dialogue and again, comments/reactions are welcome.

Early on, I posted my Mission Statement and if you’re interested you can see it here. I’m pleased I’ve been able to stick to the original plan I laid out…

On occasion, some of these posts may have nothing to do with music or bourbon but will be my attempt to entertain by telling a story. It seemed funny at the time… In most cases the names are changed in these stories to protect the guilty.

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“It’s never to late to be what you might have been” – George Eliot



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  1. I came across a Starlight poll re favorite show there ever. Knew it was Elton 81-83. I was an upper classman at CMSU. Via Google found your piece. Epic show. Still my fav venue for music after Red Rocks.

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    1. My first show at Red Rocks was Pearl Jam in 95 (I think)… truly an epic show and I fell in love with that venue as well. However I will always love Starlight. I think the sound there is exceptional. Thank you for reading and commenting!


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