BourbonAndVinyl Turns 1 Year Old: Thank You!


Yesterday, July 11th, turned 1 year old… Happy Birthday to us! I just wanted to pause and thank all of you who have stopped their busy days to take some time to read B&V. When I started this music blog with my Mission Statement a year ago, I never thought anybody would actually read this. It was just something to do in between drinking and putting albums on the stereo. My goal was to entertain. I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished that or not, but over 2,000 people have visited us over the last year. Well, it’s either 2,000 different people or my mother has just logged on 2,000 times… My Sainted Mother is very supportive… Anyway, thank you to all of you who have read B&V. I appreciate all the support and comments. I hope you’ll continue checking us out from time to time. If you like something we post, please tell a friend.

Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “BourbonAndVinyl Turns 1 Year Old: Thank You!

  1. I’ve read this blog a few times… So it’s not just your mom. What bourbon would you pair with AC/DC? Do you have a list? What goes with roast beef?


    1. Excellent question… I find Woodford Reserve goes well with any hard rock or Metal…. I find the sweetness of Gentlemen Jack goes best with roast beef or better yet, BBQ. It’s not bourbon, it’s Tennessee sipping whiskey so it’s sweeter…. Bulleit Rye also pairs well with deep blues… Season to taste, as they say….


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