Red Hot Chili Peppers: “The Getaway” Song 2 From the New LP


While the Rock Chick and I slipped out to Denver for the Mudcrutch concert this week, (post on that show coming soon…) the Red Hot Chili Peppers released the second song on the highly anticipated (well, highly anticipated here at B&V) album “The Getaway.” It’s the title track, “The Getaway” and after the stellar first song “Dark Necessities” hope was running high that the next track would be as stellar. I got an email notification on my phone the tune was out but because of my feeble technical skills, I couldn’t download and hear the tune until I got back to the home base. “The Getaway” is not only the title track from the record but is also the first track on the record.

Being that this is the first track on the album, I was expecting to be blasted out of my chair with an upbeat rocker. I was surprised when a quiet, jazzy beat starts the song, followed by a spacey, mellowed-out guitar. Of course, Flea’s bass is still all over this song and impeccable. I do wonder if Danger Mouse and the rest of the band are mad at Chad Smith based on what they’ve done to his drum sound here. It sounds like he was recorded down the hall from the rest of the band like they sent him to a “time out.” One has to wonder in a band as notorious as the Chili Peppers what you’d have to do to get sent to a “time out” but I digress. I’m guessing ol’ Chad misses Rick Rubin and the wonderful drum sound he seemed to coax out of him.

There are a lot of things here I hadn’t heard on a Chili Pepper’s tune… female back-up vocals being the most surprising element. The guitar is understated but as I’ve said before, with Frusciante gone and Klinghoffer in, this is a different band. I wouldn’t call this a ballad, but it’s pretty mellow. It’s best described as “mid-tempo.” I will admit, and perhaps it was my expectations, I didn’t like this song the first time through. Though I also must admit, the more I listen to it the more it has grown on me. Anthony’s vocal is another stand out performance. The more I listened to this track the more that vocal and Flea’s sublime bass began to hit me harder. I will say, the Rock Chick, on her first listen said, “Not bad…” which for her is almost a rousing endorsement.

This song has long verses and a very short chorus. So the hook is not apparent, you have to really listen a few times before it clicks. The first few times it felt like one long lyrical blast from Anthony. Then you start to key in on the female backing vocals and there it is… the chorus. It’s a complicated song performed with deceiving simplicity, but it does reward you with repeated listens. Again, strange tune to open the album with, but when you’re the Chili Peppers, you can do what you want.

I will continue to post updates as more songs are released, if any are released, prior to the June 10th album release date. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys live again but with the recent health scare concerning Anthony, it might be a while. Thank God he’s ok, we’ve lost too many rockers this year. Get well soon Anthony!

Check the tune out, let me know what you think in the comments section.



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