Review: The Cult, “Hinterland”, The 3rd Song From the Upcoming “Hidden City”


A third song, “Hinterland” from the upcoming Cult album “Hidden City” has been released and let me just say, “wow”. With all due respect to David Bowie and Elton John who both have albums coming out soon (Bowie tomorrow, Elton in February), The Cult’s “Hidden City” is my most anticipated album of 2016. I had promised myself, after reviewing the first two songs from this album as they came out, that I’d wait for the entire album’s release before I wrote anything further. This song is just too great to not comment on it.

Each of the three songs that have been released thus far feel like pieces of a puzzle. With each song the puzzle gets a little clearer. This is going to be a heavy album. Each of the songs have Billy Duffy’s trademark, enormous guitar riffs. Of the three songs thus far released, this one has the best guitar solo. I love that Duffy plays a Gretsch White Falcon…good craftsman work with good tools. If I was going to compare it to a more recent album, “Beyond Good and Evil” springs to mind. If I was to compare it to an older, classic record, from a sound perspective, I’d say “Electric”.

This record and particularly the new song “Hinterland” are not only “heavy” musically, they’re heavy lyrically as well. The chorus of “Hinterland” goes, “the dream of life is fading, each generation’s fading”. The “Dark Energy” of the lead single (reviewed previously on BourbonAndVinyl) is proving to be present in each of the subsequent singles. Another theme in the lyrics is the repeated line, “Destroy the destroyers”. Ian’s lyrics are always a bit opaque to me. I struggle for a while to discern where he’s going in his lyrics. It’s clear to me on this song, and the others, that this album is a direct warning to society. Astbury sings with a passion and clarity on this song that is hypnotic in it’s urgency.

I can not wait for this album. This song is a must have for any Cult or hard rock fans out there. Check out the new song and it’s video (available on YouTube) and as always, enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Review: The Cult, “Hinterland”, The 3rd Song From the Upcoming “Hidden City”

  1. Dig yer enthusiasm man, good comments thus far for each these tunes!

    Personally reckon this is some of the best stuff since the hugely overlooked Beyond Good & Evil, some real throwbacks while yet again going new places as only The Cult can. Dark Energy their best lead single since Rise to these ears, The Cult sounding in as strong as ever!

    Look forward to your full album review, thanks for writing πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks so much for the feedback. I can’t wait to hear The Cult’s new stuff live… I hope Hidden City gets the attention it deserves. Thanks so much for reading!


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