Happy New Year 2018 From All of Us at BourbonAndVinyl!


I wanted to take a brief moment to wish all of you out there a Happy New Year and Welcome to 2018 from all of us down here at BourbonAndVinyl. By “all of us,” I mean me, your intrepid music fan, the Rock Chick and our cat. We have a small staff here at B&V…the cat often sits on my shoulder and smells my bourbon disapprovingly. So I felt he should be included here… but I digress. I hope everybody stayed safe and warm out there last night. It was awfully cold here in the midwest.

2017 was a banner year here at B&V and I want to thank everybody out there who took the time to read our meager scribblings about rock and roll. In 2017 we doubled our followers, doubled the people who visited the site, and almost doubled the number of posts viewed. I am humbled by your patronage. Thank you all for joining me in this journey. I want to especially thank Lucinda Williams who put one of my posts on her Facebook page. She’s fabulous, buy all of her music you can get your hands on. I’m hopeful 2018 will bring us a lot of great new music to share and discuss.

It’s a dark ride. Hopefully things will get better for all of us in ’18. Take care of yourself out there. Pour something strong, hug somebody you love and turn the music up…